features and benefits


We are a totally specialized company in planning, profitability and cost management initiatives, in our 15 years of experience we have leaded Latin-American market advising more than 150 companies of different industries in US, Mexico, Central and South America.




We provide all services you may require to implement efficiently a planning and profitability initiative in your organization.



Technical Support


We provide timely and efficiently technical support services to all our customers, which offer following benefits:


  • Provided by professional personnel with extensive experience in different industries and projects.
  • Bilingual service (English and Spanish)
  • Cutting-edge technology to communicate with customers:

    - Call center

    - Webinars

    - Skype

    - Instant messengers

  • Immediately answer





We offer advisory services focused on each customer’s specific needs (diagnostics, design, implementation, supervision, etc.).  Our specialized and experienced team of professionals guarantees the initiative will work in the right way your organization requires it, providing all expected benefits.



If you have already Strategic Cost Managemet Models, we can also help you to opimize their performance and maximize the use of the information for decision making in your entire organization.


  • Model compliance review regarding actual information needs for operational, management and strategiv decision-making
  • Optimize the model structure analyzing the present architecture of the information and identifying opportunity areas to streamline performance, avoid certain processes or loading of unnecessary information.
  • Streamline the technological platform evaluating present platform effiiency, based on the company needs, defining the most appropiate alternative, and helping the company during the migration and implementation process for the solution proposed.
  • Establish the subsequent steps to take, for the initiative evolution so that its effects can be maximized, contributing to the development of the other continuous improvement initiatives in your organization.

Educational Programs


We offer CODIX training seminars for users, with several advance levels, guaranteeing that they will obtain all knowledge they require to maximize the use of the applications.

Likewise, we have a wide array of seminars dealing on methodologies and initiatives to improve your business performance, which are taught by our experts in public or private sessions with customers as well as in recognized business school of universities in different countries.