features and benefits

Codix Overview

CODIX PPM is a great value added tool for any company. It allows you to make decisions to improve your organization about all business strategic elements.

CODIX PPM will enable you to strategically manage costs of your entire organization, plan strategies and propose actions that will make your business more efficient, maximizing its profitability.


Improving profitability involves more than a headlong pursuit to increase revenues and slash costs. It is the ability to identify your most valuable customer and products, while testing the impact that changes in pricing and process improvements have on costs and profitability. This can give you the insight to act decisively with a clear understanding of what the outcome will be.


Identify the cost of the products, services, clients, projects or any other costing item that the user requires, in an accurate and timely manner.
Measure the actual profitability of each Customer, product, service or distribution channel with the highest reliability.
Identify activities that do not add value, as well as defining their impact in the profitability of your company.
Absolute knowledge of the cost of all the activities and processes.
Define prices and commercial strategies in an objective and profitable way
Define strategies and plan scenarios to improve performance and profitability
Define performance indicators in terms of costs and profitability for all the areas of the organization.
Conduct Activity Based Planning and Budgeting



CODIX PPM is a great value added tool for any kind of company. It allows you to make decisions to improve your organization from all strategic aspects of the business.



Business Benefits


CODIX is a tool that will enable you to strategically plan, budget and manage resources of your entire organization proposing actions that will make it more efficient, maximizing your profitability.



Increase Profitability:

  • Understand the actual cost of each of the required activities to produce goods and deliver services, optimizing required capital (manpower, facilities, raw materials, etc.)
  • Understand actual cost and profitability by customer, product, distribution channel, project.
  • Allow focus on the profitable business that improves the bottom line maximize incomes with current customers.
  • Improve pricing strategies in order to provide fairer and more profitable conditions to all participants.


Improve Performance:

  • Define performance indicator to evaluate efficiency and productivity for the whole organization in terms of cost.
  • Transfer cost or services, activities or products (transfer pricing and share services) between business units in an accurate and equitable way.
  • Encourage a culture based on profitability and cost base indicators.




Strengthen Customer

  • Improve the offered value to customers, through competitive offers and the right prices.
  • Improve focus of resources and activities demanded by customers. Assure both profitability and customer satisfaction resulting in retention and loyalty.
  • Forecast and model scenarios showing the impact on profitability, provides a competitive advantage to design better sales and marketing strategies.




Increase Business Value:

  • Improving profits will enable more innovative offers and develop new products.
  • Strong performance will improve branding and will attract capital to expand, increase market share, and enter new businesses.
  • A highly profitable company is always more attractive to investors and work talent, which increases its value in market.


CODIX PPM has multiple features that make it a high value added tool for any organization:

  • Return on investment in a very short time.
  • Complete flexibility to create profitability, costing and planning models in any activity or size company.
  • Specialized knowledge is not required for its operation.
  • Complete integration with any other company application (databases).
  • High-performance calculation engine that supports models of any size or complexity level.
  • Multiple languages and currencies.
  • Open database.
  • Versions affordable for any kind of enterprise.
  • Continuous updates and upgrades.
  • Specialized advisory and training seminars based on the customer’s needs (taylor made servicies).



CODIX PPM integrates the whole required elements to work efficiently at any company or organization.