features and benefits


CODIX is currently used by Companies of different industries in US and Latin Americas.


  • Nextel
  • Interseal
  • CARMI Logistics
  • Grupo FH
  • OCUPA port terminal
  • NAD
  • World Express Cargo
  • Grupo Logistics
  • Salsas Castillo
  • Grupo CICE
  • Grupo FH
  • Hutchinson Ports
  • Grupo Castañeda







CODIX allowed us to understand how each customer contributes to business profitability, as well as to identify non-profitable ones, and make actions to change that behavior. Since we started to use CODIX to sustain our decision making, he have achieved to improve business results, increasing profitability in 12% in first year”.

Adrián Aguilera
(CFO, Salsas Castillo)



“I finally sleep well after we make an important decision, like change tariffs or offer price discounts, because we are currently sure how this actions will affect or benefit the business results for advance.” 

Hector Carmona
(CEO, CARMI Logistics)



“Through CODIX we have finally defined a fair pricing strategy for all parts, based on each customer needs and requirements. This has helped to strength our relationship with them, which has been very important to overcome difficult times like last crisis.  Without CODIX survive would have been very complicated”

Jorge Padilla
(CEO, Interseal)



“The unique efficient way for cost reduction is optimizing activities and business processes.  CODIX has been our main ally for this purpose, helping us to reduce cost in 7% in period of just six months after its implementation.”

Alberto Lara
(CEO, OCUPA port terminal)



CODIX allows us to asset the consequences in profitability with any action or made decision, therefore we ensure currently, as a policy, that all important actions or decisions, are profitable for the business before its execution”.

Rafael Espeleta
(CMO, Nextel)