features and benefits

CODIX Profitability and Planning Management

CODIX Planning and Profitability Management
(Codix PPM )


  • Whole functionality for Strategic Cost Management and Planning
  • Ideal for pilot models
  • Capability for handling multiple models with dynamic structure
  • Stand-alone and client/server installation
  • High security levels
  • Total integration with external databases
  • Open database (SQL Server).



CODIX Profitability and Planning Management Enterprise
(CODIX PPM Enterprise)

CODIX Planning and Profitability Management Enterprise
(Codix PPM Enterprise)


  • Whole functionality for Strategic Cost Management (ABC/M), Budgeting and Planning for the entire organization
  • Multiple concurrent users and modelers
  • Data volumes without limitations
  • High security levels
  • Ideal for integrated models for the entire organization
  • Total integration with external databases
  • Open database (SQL Server, ORACLE)



Comparison chart



  Codix PPM
Codix PPM Enterprise
Cost Management
Budgeting --
Open Database
High security levels
Stand Alone and Client/Server installation
Multiple concurrent users --
SQL Server database
Oracle database --






Additional Modules


CODIX offers two additional tools that can be integrated into any of the versions (CODIX PPM and CODIX PPM Enterprise), whose purpose is to optimize the way information is generated, as well as integrating it or extracting it from the costing model itself.




CODIX RECORDS, whose purpose is allowing users to record the information required from the activities of the company, as well as performance metrics (time and effort), customers served, resources and all kinds of necessary information that is not available from any other source, and therefore it must be generated in order to be integrated into the costing model in CODIX.


  • 100% WEB-based application
  • Extremely simple and practical interface
  • Monitoring tool to identify capturing errors, correcting them in a timely manner.
  • Capability to be used in several branches of the group, as required, focusing the entirety of the information in one single database.
  • 100% reliable and efficient security systems
  • Total automation with CODIX PPM or CODIX ENTERPRISE for transferring information and building a model automatically.






CODIX EDI is a tool that allows you to transfer information from external databases into CODIX database, and vice versa, in an automated, practical and secure way.

This tool offers the following advantages:


    • Facilitate the process to add information into a new model or in an existing one, with automatically extracted data from transactional systems.
    • Extract information from CODIX database in a practical and simple way, to be transferred to any other database and exploited in the way users require it. (reporting systems, OLAP, data Mining, etc.).
    • As a result, the required time to update models is considerably reduced (from 50% to 95%). Likewise errors caused by manually processing data are totally eliminated.